Http bizdoc to another IS server??

can someone explain how to send bizdoc to another IS server thru http post???

Don’t do that. Bizdocs are not intended to be used that way.

If you want the payload within the bizdoc processed by another IS, send the payload to IS as you would to any other partner system.

Thank you for your reply. I extracted the content from bizdoc using and then I converted the content part to String…to this point I am retrieving the output as a string. My question is can I http string to another IS? if String is going to be the input on the target IS, What service I need to invoke to capture string at the other end? I am able to http fine but I am getting 403 status message.

pub.client.http can be used to post the data to another IS. On the target side input string can be defined to retrieve the data. What is the payload type, xml or flat file ?

Hi Shahid,

payload type is flatfile


Use convertToValues service to handle inbound flat file.

On the target IS, you’ll need to define a service to receive and process that string.

I am passing data as a stream from the source server to target server and passing stream as input on target server and converting stream to string using service to convert stream to string and preceding service is pub.flatFile:convertToValues but I am getting error saying no content. Am I using wrong service??

Streams cannot be passed over the network. Your target service is receiving a byte array.