Http 401 happening sporadically

Hello ,

We are using Integration Server 6.0 with 1 Reverse Invoke Proxy and 2 Internal Server.The https port is setup with Client Authentication to Request Client Certificate. Our partner sends request by passing a certificate thats mapped in the client certificate to a user in our internal server. The RI & Internal Server talks through SOCK Protocol.

Once in a while some of the client requests are getting 401, Authenication failed.There is no change in the client side between the requests, All requests are sending the same cert.We wrote some service to capture the request cert and store into a file the keys.The ones which persists the key should have a file stored in our side.But at occasions only i see 8 files for 10 successful requests.looks like some caching is happening, i am not sure at what end it is happening.

Any thoughts?


I am seeing similar pattern. In our case, there are no certificates. Simple Username/Password. The Client URL points to our Load Balancing port (2 IS in cluster).