Does anyone have ever tried to use the JDBC Adapter to connect other products that ones specified in the user guide ?

I think about mysql, hsqldb or other ones ?

Thanks in advance

Sure. Just don’t expect WM Support to provide lots of help if you run into difficulties. Also, don’t use non-supported database vendors for the internal database schemas for IS, TN, Modeler, Optimize, etc.


ok i have’nt understand that only fews databases are supported. It’s not for use into internal jdbc pools, only for use with the jdbc adapter like any others databases.

i just try to use the jdbc adapter with any jdbc driver. When i configure the adapter and try to connect, it doesn’t work.
dataSourceClass = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver or org.hsqldb.jdbc.jdbcDataSource
i put the ref of all required field
or i put nothing and in other properties i put url=… all what is working in a java code in place of url

i have the error “null”

any idea ?