HPSTRA Elastic search White Paper

Submitted by: Ivaylo Atanasov, Software AG; October 2015

Applicable version: 9.9

Elastic_Search_HPSTRA_white_paper_nk_accepted.docx (3.9 MB)

Who needs a High Performance Task Engine?

This is a very exciting time for BPMS and specifically for the Task Engine component of BPMS. We’ve enjoyed a critical mass of successful deployments that we’re now seeing not only a huge jump in the number of upcoming BPMS applications but a leap in the size of these applications. To put it into perspective, we’re seeing scalability targets increase to 12,000+ concurrent users, 12+ nodes. As a result, webMethods R&D is investing in numerous ways to ensure that our customers can succeed with these larger deployments. This article will explore some of the changes starting from October 2014 release of the Task Engine and how they will enable an order of magnitude increase in performance and scalability.

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