HP UX 1123


We are considering an upgrade from version wM 4.6 to version 6.0.1.
We are also considering upgrading our operating system from HP/UX 11.11
to HP/UX 11.23.

We would like to know whether anybody is running wM 6.0.1 successfully on HP/UX 11.23 and also whether anyone has successfully installed XML Adapter 4.2 on 11.23?

Any help appreciated


If you are considering an upgrade, I would recommend bypassing 6.0.1 and going to 6.1. It has been out for over a year and is quite stable. 6.5 is just now coming out, but if you are not upgrading for a few months, you might want to consider going to 6.5 even.

6.0.1 is moving to “end of development support” on 31-Mar-06 and “end of maintenance” on 31-Mar-07