HP Unix JVM 1.5.0.x

Hello wmusers,

Any one running wM IS on HP UNIX boxes with HP JVM 1.5 ?
I am in process of upgrading HP JVM from to JVM 1.5.0.x. But not sure which version of JVM 1.5 to use. Cannot find anything on webMethods advantage apart from few post where wM support is asking their customer to upgrade to to fix jvm issues.

How can I confirm if JVM is the best and not or****

What IS version you are running on?

Used JVM 1.5.0_15 on 7.1.2 servers in various env’s with no issues.



We are currently using JVM 1.5.0_17 with our 7.1.2 servers in Production with no issues. So far we did not see any JVM related issues. I beleive there is the latest 1.5 JVM with patch 18 available from Sun.


Thanks RMG and Akki.

We are on IS 6.5 SP3 and using PRT models, TN, Enterprise One and JDBC adapters. So can i put JVM 1.5.0_15 and JVM 1.5.0_17 ?

Is there any documentation available from wM for the JVM support with IS 6.5. Their old support documentation for 6.5 is quite outdated and does not refer to the precise JVM 1.5 version.

I am running HP UNIX boxes on my floors, so can HP JVM version can be equated with Sun JVM ? My exp. says both would be very different(heap allocation, GC algorithms, stack management,generlizations etc.).So IS 7.2 running fine on SUN JVM may run out of issue with HP JVM

May be some one can chime in to clear our doubts.


Yes that might be a catch too, SUN JVM might behave differently from HP JVM. I know that the Garbage collection piece can behave differently in both the JVMs and HP Unix JVM provides more flexibility and options during GC than the Sun JVM. I am not sure about other pieces though.


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