How to write a java service to concat 2 strings without using wm public package

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

Is your question related

A java service lets you write and execute java code on the Integration Server.
The Service Development help at Building Java Services is a good starting point to understand more. Please feel free to reach out if you get into any issues.


Why do you want to avoid using wMPublic package services?

A rule of thumb for IS development that you’ll want to consider: avoid creating Java services unless the desired function cannot be achieved using FLOW.


I believe the intention is perhaps to explore the Integration Server and get familiar. Completely agree with your point about using FLOW.

P.S: Thoroughly enjoyed the topic - Integration Server and Java started by someone :slight_smile: , a very good read indeed.


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just i want to see how can we create a concat java services without using that wm public package that’s it

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  1. In Designer, New > Java Service
  2. Define inputs & outputs, save
    3, On source tab, paste in the whitespace of the service method
  3. Implement your code.

There’s a short free learning course here: Software AG LP: webMethods Integration Java Services (CL611C04-77E)

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