How to write a cutom to please

I need to write a custom SQL which has subquery in it.
select t1.num_cle,t1.NUM_ORDRE,t1.etat,t1.dat_maj,
from trace_ordre t1, lig_ordre t2
where t1.num_cle = t2.num_lig_ordre and t1.num_ordre = t2.num_ordre and
t1.cod_table = 'LIG_ORDRE’and t2.num_ordre = ‘78ND1044’
and (t1.etat = ‘ANNU’ or t1.etat = ‘PREV’ or t1.etat = ‘STOC’ or t1.etat = ‘EXP’ or*/ t1.etat = ‘O’)
AND t1.dat_maj = (select max(dat_maj) from trace_ordre where num_cle =t2.num_lig_ordre AND ETAT=T2.ETAT_LIG_ORDRE )
and t1.dat_maj>=‘13-SEP-2003’

Iam writing this query ${here}.But it is giving an error that it can not accept above unicode009 characters.

Please give me an example(step by step) to write this query.
Thanks a lot in advance