How To Verify IS is retrying for transient error

Hello Rakesh

I have configured, the retry of IS when encountered with runtime exception with service pub.jms.send().
I am using UM as my JMS provider.
Do you know how to verify the server is doing the retry at rutime?


Hi Sasanka ,

are you trying to re-send the data if it fails with transient error in the pub.jms:send ?
Have you written any logic for that in the flow service ?

or are you using the Transient Error Handling Properties of the service ?


My idea is the JMS connection configured ( JMS Connection Alias) with producer retry does this automatically for a connection type NO_TRANSACTION. But not sure how to validate this.

I know a way to know if IS is doing the retry for transient error, but not just for jms trigger service.

You could get the retry counter during the service execution by API InvokeState.getRetryCounter(). If it’s not 0 then it’s in an iteration of retry.