How to use SelectAllRowsCheckBox

Hello All,

Can anyone explain in detail about how to use SelectAllRowsCheckBox and how to perform selecting and un-selecting available row check boxes in the Async table or Data table?

With example is appreciated.

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Shashi BS

The general practice is to have a column that has one of the ‘Select Row *’ controls in the column body and a ‘Select * Rows’ control in the column header.

Do you have some specific problem or question that was not addressed by the tag documentation?

You may also refer to the OpenCAF showcase that was provided on the community site at [1] for simple examples of all the tags:

Thank you Eric for reply,

I want the exact procedure and steps to be followed to do that. I even referred to the link provided for Table Row Selection but couldn’t understand much from it.

Here, in the page which I’m creating, there is a table which is populated from a web service and I wanted only selected rows to be passed to the second web service. So, for that I placed a SelectRowCheckBox in the table column and placed a SelectAllRowsCheckBox in the table header, but the problem is when I run the page I not able to view the SelectAllRowsCheckBox in the table header.

Can you please provide a solution to this, which will be a great help to me.(I want it in CAF not Open CAF).

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Shashi BS

I have no interest in doing all of the the work for you. If you have specific questions, then that would be a more appropriate usage of this forum.

As for why the tag wouldn’t render anything, the CAF Tag documentation states a pre-requisites in the description of the tag, so make sure your table is bound to the correct type of table content provider: