How to use RMI in WebMethods

Can someone send me configuration instructions and sample code for how to communicate with RMI server from WebMethods?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You mean invoking services in other integration Servers.The solution is simple.
Enter your IS(integration Server) administrator console.In the left pan you can see a link RemoteServers under settings tab.Click on on that.Configure ur remote server there.Then we have builtin service called pub.remote:invoke.Try this.

No, on the server I am talking to is not an webMethods Integration Server but a rmi remote server.

Do you know if I need to configure the InitialContex differently in WebMethods?

If I implement the binding to the rmi server in Eclipse (just a standard Java Project) then it works fine but when I run the same code as a webMethods JavaService it doesn’t bind to the method on the remote server.

Is anyone here doing something like this?

Hello - did you ever find a solution? I am trying this and would love to know the answer!

Hi Leo,
I’ve not seen any service provided by webmethods for RMI call.
Is it mandatory for you to make RMI call or can you invoke service on other server using HTTP?
If RMI is mandatory then you can write custom java code.

Hi There,
Even in webMethods, you can create initialContext if you are dealing with any AppServer by creating JNDI connections to it and from there you do perform RMI. Kindly try to implement this and let us know the results.