How to use pubclientftp

Hi, every one

I have a Flow service. it contains of there steps. like this:
service 1
service 2

When pub.client.ftp login to FTP server failed, the whole Flow service will stop, but however, I want service 2 runs. what can I do?



If you want service2 to run regardless of whether service1 or pub.client:ftp fails, you can wrap the invocations in a SEQUENCE with Exit On set to DONE.

Let me know if this answers your question.

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If you want the service2 to run regardless of success / failure of FTP service—
wrap the FTP service call in a different flow service (say service3), handle all the error conditions of the FTP serive in the service3 and always exit with signal-SUCCESS.
That way it will always execute service2 regardless of the output from FTP service call.

Let me know if this helps.