How to update metadat


I would like to use the metadata library in designer but i’ve changed some services and webServices and i don’t know to update the metadata library. Could you help me please?


Metadata Library is replace in wM 8 by CentraSite Active SOA.
I find it quite useless in wM 7. However when you are on designer process development view, you right click in the name of the process and click on “publish” option.

This will publish and update your metadata, to the server you defined under Designer -> Window -> preferences -> Software AG -> Metadata Library.

Also if I recall, you can use navigator view and close projects. When you open a project again metadata is regenerated.

Good luck


Thank you for your answer! I will try this tomorrow, i’m working on wm 7.1.2 that’s why i use the metadata library and i’m so glad to have an answer about that!

Thank you



For webmethods 7.1.2 the procedure is not the same as explain. To publish metadata in library I used the integration server administration page in Solution>Asset publisher>Publish. Select the package you want to update in library and click publish.

Thank you for your help!