how to update a wsdl ?

I can’t get the following to work:

  1. In IntegrationServer, create a WSDL for an IS service
  2. Create a web service descriptor in Designer CAF, linking to the WSDL in step 1
  3. Create a view using the web service descriptor
  4. Realize that something needs to be added or changed on the IS side, such as a new IS service or new inputs/outputs for an existing IS service
  5. Update the WSDL on IS accordingly
  6. Update the web service descriptor in CAF

The part that doesn’t work is step 6. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but CAF doesn’t seem to have an option to reload the WSDL.

Of course, I never plan on doing this. But sometimes when doing development I realize that another input/output or IS service is needed. CAF should provide a way to update it in Designer.

How can this be done?


In the Bindings View of Designer, right-click the Web Service Connector and select Refresh. This will retrieve the latest WSDL from IS and regenerate the connector.