How to refresh or regenerate old web service (7.1) in webMethods Designer 8.2.1


We are using webMethods 8.2.1 and have existing CAF Projects migrated from webMethods 7.x version to 8.2.1.
I have added a new variable to existing Flow service which is being used in a Portlet. I am trying to Refresh/Regenerate the Web service in Designer in “Bindings view -> Right click on web service-> Click on Refresh” button but I am getting below error.

Error Message: Original WSDL is not available. Cannot regenerate.

Could you anyone tell the procedure on how to Refresh / regenerate old web services in Designer 8?


Make sure the WSDL still exists and is accessible by going to it from your browser, then check Designer’s connectivity to the server hosting the WSDL, particularly proxy settings and proxy exclusions.

I had this problem today as well. Here is what worked for me: I exported the code to a zip file. Then I created a new workspace, set up my IS and MWS servers in my workspace with correct values for my 8.23 instance. Then I did a “File>Import>SoftwareAG>Existing CAF Project into Workspace”. That seemed to fix the issue; prior to this, I had taken the code directly out of a source code repository to which I was linked.

I am still getting the same error. As these services are migrated from 7.x version, IS doesn’t have WSD created as we do in 8.2 version. In CAF code, Endpoint address, username and password are binding the Environment variables called #{environment[“wsclient-endpointAddress”]}/ws/.cafUI:, #{environment[“wsclient-username”]}, #{environment[“wsclient-password”]}.

In Bindings tab --> Implicit Variables --> Environment Variables --> wsclient-endpointAddress = http://:5555/soap/rpc.

wsclient-username = Administrator and password is encrypted. Could any one confirm whether these value are correct or not?

The service gets invoked and runs fine from portlets(browser) but we are not able to regenerate the WSDL file.

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