Web service connector in Designer

In Designer 7.1 when we create the Web Service connector for any IS service it creates the WSDL file internally with the SOAP-RPC protocol.
Can we change the protocol to SOAP MSG ?
If we can change it then it would be very useful for using array in the output of the service.

Thanks in advance.

In order to create a WSD/web service connector (consumer) you have to point the WSDL location or URL…So where did you get the WSDL from the provider??

If the wsdl file is from the provider you cannot edit/change the protocol/port type etc…this will lead to mismatch/communication errors…


This is the case when u just drag n drop any IS service into the design canvas of the view while creating portlets.After dropping any IS service , in the background GLUE Api is used which results in the creation of the WSDL and then it is consumed in the designer.

Hi nishith,Sounds like you have some experience with Web Service Connector in Designer. I am trying to call an IS flow service from Designer portlet and have some question. I guess you may be able shed some light.So I created a WS Connector by drag&Drop the IS service to canva. A bunch of gui and binding objects are generated automatically. It seems the Action Refresh() is always generated for the Refresh button. However, when I right-click at the Refresh() action in Binding, all options (Open and Delete) are disabled. My question is, how can I view and modify the Refresh() action in Designer? Can I also rename this action?Thanks.