How to turn on the centrasite database


After logging into system management hub, when i found that the resitry/repository is offline, so when i tried to start it , i got the below error

INOAAE0222 The database CentraSite must be offline

Can any one say where to start the centrasite DB ?

Anusha Srinivasan

Is it possible that the database is currently starting? You would see that kind of message when the database is currently recovering ie when it was killed or the machine crashed. Please check the AABino*.txt files in your data directory.

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This was because of abnormal termination it seems,
Am now able to start the repository.

Anusha S

This is a common error when you shut down the CentraSite repository and try to restart it immediately again.

To ensure you dont see this error you need to wait till the traffic lights symbol becomes completely red on the Registry/Repository context menu. Once it is red which means that the entire DB is down you can just do a normal restart and things should be back online fine.

Hope this helps.

One downside of this abrupt database termination can have an abnormal effect on the database itself and cause an corresponding error : INODSW2073 Previous log file corrupted (reason: reason). Please perform a database backup as soon as possible.

Explanation : During restart after a database crash it was detected that the log file of the previous session is corrupt. A database recovery may fail, therefore a new backup would resolve this situation. Moreover a further database replication would fail, therefore if the database is or will be a replication master the replication must be newly set up with a new database backup.

To check this you can log on the System Management Hub and check the Job Monitor for Running Processes and if your luck is really bad you ll see a process : "Starting database ‘CentraSite’ " INOAAI0574. If you open this you ll see a activity bar in green showing you the progress of the task.

A message CentraSite server successfully started INODSI1636 should denote a server being started properly.

Post this you can check Registry/Repository context menu and will see the database back up with Status : Online

This also happened to me when installing the latest fixes fp21 for centrasite.

I turned it back on by going to the System Management hub, and under

CentraSite–>Registry/Repository you can right click and choose start, it took a few minutes to start you can see the traffic light go from red to yellow to green.