How to track a field from DDM to MAP?

I have never been brilliant at setting up searches in NEE, and I’m not better at it in NEE611. So, any bid on this topic would be most helpful for me.

Case: My customer has some old legacy applications that are to be moved to SAP. A lot of analysing is done as part of this. One big need is to find user interfaces for specific fields based on the DDM field.

Known: DDM-field and Application

Wanted: NEE should track the DDM-field and its handover to other fields (via MOVE, REDEFINE, GROUPS, CALLNAT, STACK etc.) ending on a MAP or INPUT statement at least (maybe also WRITE).

How can this search be set up in NEE61?

Thank you.


Sounds like a job for the DBFILE search criteria with the CONSISTENCY marker checked.

Try it on a small sample application first, but the CONSISTENCY marker should track the impacts both forward and backward as well as cross object boundaries.

There are several options in the INI file (look at the Options → Administration → Initialization Settings & then the IMPACT tab) that control the behaviour of the consistency search.