How to trace soap request and response webservice call


I make soap calls with SoapUI and I would like to trace incoming and outgoing frame (request and response).
What is the best way to do it on webMethods? is it necessary to develop a framework for that, is there a native way of the product to do it or no?

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There is no OOB. But I believe you can Develop a framework and log the IB/OB messages (success/failures) as per your monitoring requirements.

BTW, what is your IS version?


There are many loggers in the IS. You just have to find out which is/are responsible for logging the web service communication, and set it to “trace”. Chances are good then that you’ll see everything you need.

Under IS server logger, there are few subsystems you may enable to TRACE depending on your needs:

HTTP Header
HTTP Request
HTTP Response