How to trace document from TN to PRT

Is there any way to trace a document from TN to PRT

Need to know all the built in services it call until reached PRT ?

I don’t think so kiran, let’s see what other says.


when a doc posted to TN, normally it will call service:
it will decide if this document need to be routed to PRT based on if the conversation ID exists and flag: prtIgnoreDocument
You can open the service to view the logic.
If it’s a PRT doc, it will call, which is a java service, you can’t debug it, but you can increase the logging level to see what’s being done, to a certain extent.

Hi Kiran,

If you want to start the business process by instructing the TN document type to extract the ConversationID field, the communication between TN and the Process Engine is seamless. It is the responsibility of the TN to pass the ConversationID to the PocessEngine.

Can you offer more details regarding your special business case?

BTW: If you start a business process from the TN the ConversationID will become the CustomID of the process.

Hope this helps,
Vlad Turian