How to test the failure of IS (Especially workflow)


Can you please tell me how to check if the webMethods IS (in particular workflow component) is up and running.

One of our application is using Weblogic and WebMethods (IS services, adapters and Workflow) I know the IP address and Port numbers for these servers.

The Application is failing to start and I am doubting that one of the systems (Weblogic or IS hosting services or IS hosting adapters or IS hosting Workflow) is failing.

I know it is not the Weblogic (tested by the url - its running)

How can I test the Integration Servers?? Especially how can I test Workflow? I can login to the WM IS by typing in the URL. I see all the adapters and other packages. I am provided with workflow ip address and port. How can I test this?


  1. if you have workflow client installed then try coonecting to the workflow srever (if you have user credentials).

  2. If you have access to server then you can grep for the workflow server

3)you can access the inbox using the http://hostname:port/web/WmWFServlet/wfservlet (see pg 272 of WorkflowUsersGuide.pdf)


Thaks…it helps