How to submit a form and add the contents to table


I have created a form with some input text elements and need to save the form elements data into a table.

I have created a command button to submit the form but how do I link it with a table.

Please help.

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you need to create table content provider using class, you neeed to create the table content provider on input binding class in binding view of the designer,this table conetent provider having createRow() and deleteRow() actions, plaese call the createRow() action binding expression in Ascyhnous command button in action, below are the steps you need to do.

Assume table having the ID,Type and Details Colums.

1.create the class with ID,type and details strings(creation should be in your view source).
2.this class appears as a class provider in data bindings.
3.right click on this class and choose new–>content provider–>the updateable table with selection, then it will create the table content provider.

  1. in table content provider creation having rowvaliable string–> give some meaning full name in databing-value.

5.same name you need to give to the table control which you created in design canvas under value properties–>rowvariable property.

  1. and in same value properties of table control having the value-value properties select the binding button,list the binding view and select the table content provider. table content provider having the rowID Expression, assign the id expression from databing property by clicking the button and assing the ID value from the class you created fro table.

7.table content provider having the createRow() action assign this action in the ASSyncommand button action property to create the rows in table.

8.create the new action() method to create data in table,this method should bing to the before row created action() of the table content provider. new action() method, right click and choose the dataflow implemetation, in this assign the assignment by clicking the ADDAssignment,assign the ID target and source property , assign the TYpe target/source properties and assign the DETAILS source /target propert.

here Target is the Table ID,TYPe and Details, source is the ID,TYPE and Details which you want to display from INPUT Text filed values.

  1. in assycommand button under general properties-Refresh property,assign the table control to refresh.

anil kumar ellendula