How to store EDI document through TN to Oracle


here i am very new to web methods and today i got a challenging job…like my job is to get three EDI documents through TN and stored these documents into Oracle database. Here i am sending u the EDI document along with this mail…First of all i am not able to understand about this document at all…next how should i proceed…next i have to store it into oracle database for that i need tables also…then how should i identify the column of the table from this document…If anyone can suggest me i will be highly appreciate for this kind help…i know its a basic question…

Here is the EDI document

ISA~00~ ~00~ ~ZZ~XXXXXXXX ~08~XXXXXXXXXX ~031007~1650~U~00401~000016797~0~P~+…GS~PO~XXXXXXXX~XXXXXXXXXX~20031007~1650~16794~X~004010…ST~850~000040878…BEG~00~NE~ZF200666620031007…REF~ZZLUPE DELEON 800.955.0636 00/00/00 ALLOWED…REF~ZZCONFIRMING ** DO NOT DUPLICATE…PER~BD~TOMMIE SMOTHERS~TE~407 828-1017 PS SOURCING…FOB~CC~OR~DEST…ITD~10…DTM~002~20031008…TD5~O~2~VNDR~M~VENDOR TRUCK…N1~VN~XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX~92~043568…N2~.…N3~PO BOX 538165…N4~ATLANTA~GA~303538165…N1~BT~XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX CO.~92~WDADF…N2~ACCOUNTS PAYABLE DEPARTMENT…N3~PO BOX 10120…N4~LAKE BUENA VISTA~FL~32830…N1~ST~BLANKET RELEASE~92~CR…N2~XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX CO.…N3~CONT CONVENTION BANQUETS…N4~LAKE BUENA VISTA~FL~32830…PO1~1~75~LB~1.37~UM~PN~08990120~PD~BEEF GROUND 82/18 BULK~MG~DSY08990120…PID~F*** DELIVER TO 083 6AJ 000 CONT CONVENTION BANQUETS…PID~F~~~~*** REQUESTOR MARK/SEAN 824-3436…REF~32~0610836AJ 220 3B00…TAX~0~4…DTM~002~20031008…PO1~2~1~EA~50~UM~PN~01991000~PD~CHARGE ER ORDERS~MG~DSY01991000…PID~F*** DELIVER TO 083 6AJ 000 CONT CONVENTION BANQUETS…PID~F*** REQUESTOR MARK/SEAN 824-3436…REF~32~0610836AJ 220 3B00…TAX~0~~~~~~~~~4…DTM~002~20031008…CTT~2~76…SE~35~000040878…GE~1~16794…IEA~1~000016797…


Can you elaborate more on your requirement?
Are you trying to store whole 3 EDI documents in the database or certain fields?

If you are trying to push only the fields to database,first create a service that receives EDI from TN and do parsing using convertToValues that gives the recordstructure.
Next step will be mapping of header/lineitem (PO1) fields to the respective column/fields in the database tables you have.ofcourse you may have some business rules.

To know about EDI 850 fields documentation and guidelines check this link —



Yes i have to store all the three documents in the database. But how can i get the desired fields from the EDI documents cause i am not able to understand the structure of the EDI document. I have to explicity made three tables in database or have to invoke some services who will made these tables in the database based on the EDI document structure.
I have to submit this problem by monday morning. If i successfully complete this assignment i will get a chance to go abroad.

Hi Rishu

Have you installed your TN and webMethods? have you configured the TN to use database?

How do you plan to receive document in TN? using HTTP?

I am not sure if webMethods software and going abroad are related, otherwise almost all webMethods experts of India would be sitting in USofA. Best of luck.


Dont worry you will sure get a chance…

I mentioned the link above which gives better understanding of the EDI 850 structure fields/description.Please kindly go thru that.

So this study helps you what fields/data should go in those 3tables.and your requirement looks so stunny…



I am new to webmethods. I just wanted to know how you map the EDI 850 document transaction details to SQL Server Database.

I would be more than glad, if I could get help in this regard.