How to Stop IS from Solaris


I am trying to stop IS from solaris box. Can anyone help me know the process of stopping IS from Solaris box apart from Killing the process and stopping from Admin page.

You can create shutdown java class and plan to execute it from a unix script… to implement the java code, browse though the forum… there are lot of post for the pointers.

Hi Devexpert,

Thanks for the reply… I searched for the code but didnt find the one for shuting down the server or similar code. :frowning:
If you are aware of any please let me know. Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

There can be different approches to it… one of them.

  1. Invoke service “wm.server.admin:shutdown” from the java code by provide the inputs server,port,user,pwd,bounce (yes/no), option (force), timeout.

Hi devexpert,

I tried the following but it is giving error as Links is not valid filename or directory. :frowning:

"nohup links “http://Administrator:password@ServName:8080/invoke/wm.server.admin/shutdown?bounce=no&option=force&timeout=0” & "

Can you please suggest alternate command for “Links”

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