How to Start and Stop the one of the Brokers in the Broker S

Ther are 4 Brokers in the Broker Sever. Suppose if we Restart the the Broker server all Brokers in the Broker Server will be started.
But i want to Start and Stop only one particular Broker in the BrokerServer with out Disturbing the other Brokers.
Ther is an option stop/restart in the broker Admin page. But it is for Broker Server not for Broker.

I want how to start the Broker in a Broker Server in the Admin page. Is it possible or not.
Could any plz help me out to clarify my doubt.

It is not possible to start/stop the brokers separately. The broker server handles all the communication between the broker clients and the broker.

Just to be clear - brokers are a logical construct within the physical broker server. If you stop the physical broker server, then all the logical brokers running in that broker server are stopped. If you want direct control over brokers, you must run single brokers per broker server (which actually is not an unusual configuration).