How to specifiy a HTTPS address in

Hi I am trying to connect to a secure web address using mediator, by entering the address in the property in mediator studio. However, I get a HTTP 500 error and it specifies the address I am going to having truncated the https:// from in front on the url. So what am I doing wrong?

Did you follow the documentation instructions about accessing HTTPS via the HTTP Gateway?

You will read there that you need to import the server certificate into your trust store.

Does the call work after you’ve done this?

I changed the DefaultComponentFactory configuration jvm properties from http to https and this seemed to resolve the problem.

Please be a little more specific when posting what you did to solve this problem. It may interest others who read the discussions.

I assume you were having problems because the proxy settings were for http and not https. Am I correct?

If this was the case, you should add the https proxy settings in addition to the http proxy settings.