SSL and HTTPGateway


I am having problems calling an SSL enabled tomcat using the HTTPGateway;

I would like to use a self-generated certificate (using keygen); tomcat and mediator are on the same machine (indeed, mediator is deployed on this tomcat)

I am doing a simple GET for a static xml document - this works fine if I get the file via a browser - the browser alerts about the ‘unsafe’ certificate and allows me to choose to proceed or not…

However, Mediator always gives the same error: “Certificate not Found…”

I have tried importing the certificate the two cacerts keystores on my machine (one with the JDK, one with the public JRE)

I also tried to use my own keystore, no luck. In all these scenarios I was able to get the document via browser.

I have scanned the mediator documentation, but there is scant information. I can only find three paramters to set as per the documentation:

from the documentation, under “Securing XML Documents”:

[begin quote]
"The following information is required to use keystores in Mediator:
The location of the actual keystore. This can be any valid URI for a keystore.
The type of keystore. Valid types include “jks” (Java keystore) and “jceks” (Java Cryptography Extensions keystore).
The password for the entire keystore.

The key entries in the keystore. The following information is required for each key:
The name (alias) associated with the key.
The password associated with a key."
[end quote]

these are the only properties I have found:

where do I set the alias for each key, and the password for each key?

I have deliberately kept keystore and key passwords the same, no luck…


does anyone have simple, clear instructions as to how to enable SSL communication from Mediator HTTPGateway to an SSL server on the same machine, using self-generated certificates?



Hello Lech,

In order to connect to a HTTPS address using the HTTPGateway, you need to import the certificate into the key store for the Mediator Component Factory’s JVM. This is identified by the XBD_JAVA_HOME envirionment variable.

Hope this help.