How to sort IS Packages by loaded elements


I’m quiet new in webmethods so please don’t be angry. We are using version 8.2.2
I have stupid question : How to sort packages in Integration server by count of their loaded elements?
Is there any function which I have overlooked or should I create some package in designer for this purpose and how?

Thank you for any advice meanwhile I will try to search. Jan

As far as i know there is no such feature to sort packages by count of their elements/flow serverices/size.

By default IS will sort packages like below

WM Packages



Thank you for answer. Finally I have sort it manually.


How you did it?

We can get the list of packages using wm.server.packages:packageList in WmRoot package.It will return list of all packages in that loadok contains loaded elements. write some custom code on it to get the sorted list.

Refer the screen shot

make sense and sounds it’s a doable thing.

Jan,Is that what you have also followed and can you share your work around too?


I suggest to do it manually as this is not a day to day task. BTW nice DP :slight_smile: :lol:

Yes manually does the work and auto is digital way to go :stuck_out_tongue: