How to show progress bar/dialog while downloading using CAF portlet page

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I am trying to download a file which take more time to collect the data from many system and download a single file, we wanted to show progress of downloading.
I tried to use async command button then download failed, when I tried to use command button then it is getting downloaded but progress is showing on browser tab. we wanted to see progress bar/dialog in our custom portlet page.
I tried to show progressDialog from action client click even and unable hide progressDialog once receive the response of download action.

Kindly help me to know how can achieve it

10-5_Caf_and_OpenUI_Development_Help.pdf (2.0 MB)


Please check “Progress Bar Customization” on page 256 and “CAF.Progress Class” on page 266.


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Thanks Ventsislav for supporting me…
When I am using async commands then only the progress bar appearing automatically but in this case I am getting below error message. mean we cannot user the async commands for download the file.
When I am using command button (synchronous call) then the progress bar is not appearing automatically. I tried to show progress bar based on client site event of command button, it is not getting closed even file is getting downloaded. is there any way to close/hide the progress bar based on response of command button?

Error Messsage:
[POP.012.0001.wm_cafshared/hidden] A server error occured. The state of this page may be out of sync with the server.

POST http://locahost:8585/meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/0000057465

wmp_tc = 57469
wmp_rt = action
wmp_tv = /TestPage/default.view
__ns = wmp57469
jsfwmp57469:defaultForm = 5Cvx8ZQ0uSzv5LkBxbfztOTwsN+2RIVr7IBpLBXvmnQ=

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