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I would like to share this info to all.
I have a requirement where I need to display the result in pop up. Got the result by using ‘Modal dialog’ with ‘Aysnc command Button’.

Here are my settings:
In Async command button, I set;

  • Refresh and Toggle properties to ‘modal dialog’ ID.
  • Action properties to an WSC function in managed Bean.

Im using 9.5. Here, by setting progress delay to a value I avoided getting the Blank ‘pop up’ [instead getting loading screen which is good] until the results been sent from server. Beauty is every one told about using the script in this forum (not about this setting) this will be more helpful whoever not to use scripting.

BTW, I’m not good in script :slight_smile: I mean don’t know what functions available [ how to know this ] and I would like to try writing script option too, please guide me, do I need to write script under the below function?

Public string ()


You should be able to get the results in modal dialog without setting progress delay property. Did you try?

Hi Mervin,

Yes I was able to get the result as I mentioned earlier, but with delay. Delay is due to delay in response from server side [ since it does some functional logic at server side services ] the displayed pop up screen will be blank once we get the result from server it’s displaying with data.

To avoid displaying the blank screen, I set the progress delay property. Advantage of setting this property is till we get result from Server side loading screen gets displayed, which is good to have. Your views…

  • Thanks.