How to setup WM FTP in WM Integration Server

I am new to WM, how to set up FTP service in Integration server, we will be giving the host name, username, password to various clients, so that they will be sending thru FTP.

Browse through Integration Server Admin guide for creating FTP port…

And keep in mind that IS is not a typical FTP server–one can use the FTP protocol to invoke services but it doesn’t provide the features one usually finds in FTP servers.

Where can i find the list of features available with wm FTP?

There are basically 2:

  • Use FTP to invoke a service. If I recall correctly, the Flat File Developer’s Guide describes the behavior of cd, put and get actions.

  • Use FTP to put a file to a user directory. After the put, IS can be configured to notify a service so that it can take action. This is described in the appendix of the IS Administrator’s Guide. Search for userFtpRoot.