How to setup integration server as a startup service for windows

Hi Team,

i would like to setup my integration server,MWS,UM servers to be up when system starts.

while installing the components installed as Application. is their any way how i can change now. and what is the impact.

Please let me know.

Thanks in Advance…

Assume you keep the default name of each instance, run the commands below.

<SAG_Directory>/profiles/IS_default/bin/service.bat -install
<SAG_Directory>/profiles/MWS_default/bin/service.bat -install

No impact.

Hi Xiaowei Wang,

I have tried your steps to convert application installation to service installation.

For the version webmethods 10.1

when i started services for IS and MWS for 5 minutes, still IS and MWS didn’t start.

Normally servers should be up by 5 minutes. I am not sure what went wrong.
I haven’t done any trouble shooting

I have reverted these changes.