how to set default option to dropdownlist

hi all,

i have country dropdown list in that i need to set the united states as a selected option,can any tell me how to set the default country code.

anil kumar e

hi Anil,

to capture the value from the dropdown list, you will assign the value to a bean(string). if so, in the initilize method of that view assing the value united states to that bean(string). so when ever that page initilizes, united states value will be default.

Sunil Kumar N

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am looking for above html functionality in dropelist, i need display united states as a selected in dropdwon, i have give sortby label true in the properties of dropdown,here i need to display united stated as a selected

Hi Anil,
The solution sunil has suggested should do for you.
If not, can you please let us know what exactly you want.