How to set ACL for Package

Dear All,

I have an requirement to create an user, who can only view my code and cann’t modify or delete the code. I have achieved it by creating a group and ACL. What are my finding after that is, the user can not delete or modify the code, but he can delete the entire package.

Does anyone has any clue on this, or how to set ACL for packages.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


you can set the ACL for the service that creates package “wm.server.packages:packageDelete” in the config file aclmap_sm.cnf under IS_rool/config/ directory.

you need to shutdown before you edit these files.

Pleaz try & let me know.:smiley:

At what level are you assigning the ACL’s ? service leve, folder level or package level.

Try assigning the ACL’s at package level. Right click the package and assign the ACL to the package.

BTW, how did u manage the to restrict the users from viewing/editing your code ? Does this users does not belong to Developer ACL ?



Applyign ACL to individul package is time consuming thing rather do it only at one place & refelct to all.
Moreover apllying package leve ACL will not restict user to create ,reload or other package relation operation for new packages.