How to Send Welcome Email to user after successful Onboarding?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to send a welcome email to user after the onboarding is completed. I saw a template for welcome email in Email Templates under Administration section on Developer Portal but don’t have idea how to use it to welcome onboarding users.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @muhammad.usman22

What version of Developer Portal?

The DP user’s guide says the following about email templates:
“Developer Portal sends email notifications to users on various events such as email verification during sign up, OTP email to users, or application approval notification and so on. The default email templates are used for such notifications. You can edit these notification messages ifrequired”

So it seems the emails are sent automatically. You are able to customize the content by changing the email templates.
Here’s the DP v10.15 user’s guide:

You will also have to make sure the SMTP settings in the DP are configured so that emails can be sent. In the above doc, search for How do I configure SMTP settings to send emails?



Hope you have revewied the documentation? Is that not covered the topic you are looking for?


Hi @wayne.leishman.20059

Thankyou for your response and it was helpful and I got my issue resolved.

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Very glad to hear that …


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