How to send email contains table structure in the body

Hi All,

I would like to send an automated email to the business user of the daily failed messages in the table structured format.

Can anyone please help me out solution to convert xmlstring or document list which contains the list of failed messages into table structure format and i need to bring that table into body of email.

I have tried the following below steps,

1.created adapter to get the failed messages from database.the output will be in documentlist
2.Then converted document list to xml string and attached in the body of pub.client.smtp

To be user friendly i want it to present in a table format not in xml string.

Thanks in advance:)

you can try to create HTML and follow this post to send email:

Thanks for your reply,but i want to generate data from the database on daily basis and according to that, i want rows and columns to be present in table structure in the body of mail.

If i do with html ,its all predefined how can i edit the rows and column according to my data.I am glad to know if you could provide me with an example.

Many thanks

pls search on how to create table in HTML. It’s not very complicated to generate table row/columns on-the-fly in HTML.

Following to the thread shared by tongwang, just to give hint of framing the html string…

Form the string step by step… likely –

  1. Frame the static html string (i.e start tag, body start tag, table start tag)

  2. Loop over the DB results

  3. Create the TR,TD records, with the dynamic values of the resultset
    Use %results\column1%

  4. Con-cat the above string with the corresponding closing tags.(, , html)

I need help

I am fetching the data from select adapter (two values )
adapter output follows documentlist

i am sending the mail in the mail body i want to table structure format from above document list

Please let me know ASAP

You need to use template format if you want to show as a HTML table in the email body via smtp service.* services for example:


Can you refer the link

Can you share the look and feel of your table structure

Hai rmg and MAHESH

Please give me the clearly how to use runTemplateonPipe Please it is urgent and give me the logic

How to generate the table structure in the pipeline out(in the form of string/StringTable)

please give me suggessions

here i am using smtp service

Can you refer the link

Can you share the look and feel of your table structure


Its simple, map the string fields in the document list to a String Table providing indices.

What type of object you want to show in the email body stringTable? It doesn’t make sense unless you use some HTML formatting as a table format you can display as expected with content-type text/html.