How to send bunch of similar idocs simulataneously to SAP

i’m populating ADRMAS02 idoc with E1ADRMAS and E1BPAD1VL segments filled. I’m having multiple ADRMAS02 idocs and using pub.list:appendToRecordList to get a combined idocs and using & to send them to SAP. But in SAP when i see the idoc each ADRMAS02 has got those two segments duplicated and it’s a syntax error in SAP.
Could any one of you throw some light on this issue ?


Try to check the output of the appendToRecordList in the pipeline using Trace. If you have not dropped the fromItem and toItem in this built inservice, such duplications happen.

Hope this helps
Bhavani Shankar


Thanks for ur reply. I did drop those from and to items from the pipeline still the problem persists.
In the pipeline the IDOC_DATA_REC_40 has four entries (2 E1ADRMAS & 2 E1BPAD1VL)…


I think appendToRecordlist mapping is messing the logic,please step thru the flow you might have missed to drop the variables.Since i have seen many cases like this.


Does the IDOC_DATA_REC_40 show correct values or duplicate values.
Guess, is the above recordlist has duplicate entries.

IDOC_DATA_REC_40 does contains two E1ADRMAS but with different Customer ID details… same is with E1BPAD1VL.

E1ADRMAS - For Client A
E1BPAD1VL - For Client A
E1ADRMAS - For Client B
E1BPAD1VL - For Client B

in SAP i’m getting two ADRMAS idocs and each idoc has two clients details!!!