How to send a Flatfile to TN

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                      I am trying to work with Trading Networks. Now my problem is that how to send a Flatfile to TN. Iam not able to write the structure and create a dictonary.

My scenario is :
The document Structure is : Information [Root Node]
Student [Sub Root Node]
name [Fields]
Address [Fields]

This is my document structure that i want to create in dictonary but i am unable to create root node and sub root node.
I am not able to create the structure of Flatfile where the sender id and receiver id should be checked once.
This scenario should be done for multiple records.
please help me in this scenario.

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Send Flat file to TN :

1. invoke pub.file.getFile service to get the flatfile data from any location and load as “stream”

2. now your flatfile data will be the stream format.

3. Create “TN_parms” document in pipeline, inside that create a variable,

set document type name as your flat file TN document name and sender duns value, receiver duns value and content type as “application/xâ��wmflatfile”

3. invoke (this is called gateway service) and map stream output to ffdata and map TN_params document to this service input.

4. and now run your service, it will route the flatfile document to TN and it will recogized by your doctype name, sender and receiver.

Hope this helps!

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more details abt how to send flatfile to TN - refer attachment… (5.45 KB)

hi arulchristhuraj thanks for ur response i got it and once again thanks for ur reply