how to retain dropdown values between DSP's

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Can anyone help me, how to retain the dropdown values between dsp’s

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You need to put it in a document and carry it in the pipeline(s) of service(s) you progress through. There is no retention mechanism, as far as I know.


Page: 21

Content: Because HTTP does not preserve variables from one request to another, to pass data from one DSP to another, you must explicitly set those values in the documents that you return to the requestor. …



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Thank you very much for your help. I will try it now.


Yes you may need to store the values in the temp document/values and use it in the subsequent DSP’s to retain.


Or you could access these drop down variables in different DSP pages by calling a javascript\AJAX call to the WM service returning the list.

Service 1 returns the list of values.
Service 2 and 3 use the JS call to get the list from service 1.