How to resubmit a failed collaboration task

Hello Experts,

Can anyone please help me to find a way to resubmit a failed collaboration task ?
We can enable the resubmit option for a normal user task from process run-time options. Since collaboration task which need not be part of business process, how can we enable this runtime resubmit behavior?
Is there any way to resubmit a failed a collaboration task ? If we try to change the status of a failed collaboration task from “Error” to “Active”, we are getting “[POP.017.0033] You can not update non-Active task: xxxx” Error.

We are on webMethods 10.7 version.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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There is a parameter that controls the update behavior:
Task Update Behavior (
however AFAIK collaboration tasks actually internally form a process and because of that you may not able to update them: “Tasks with status Error that belong to a process instance cannot be updated, regardless of Task Engine optional settings.”

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