How to restrict access to Packages and API's under gallery / API Packages for particular users

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I have multiple packages in my webMethods API portal cloud but I would like to give access to packages for selected user’s only(Users should see packages belongs to their organization only). Can you guide me how to achieve this thing. Same thing with API’s I have multiple API’s under my gallery but I would like to give access to API’s to only selected users (users should see API’s belongs to their organization only).

Please guide me.

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webMethods API Portal offers support for publishing APIs/Packages to specific B2B Communitiies. Communities are a closed user group where APIs/Packages(from 10.4 release) can be published. APIs published to specific community will have only visibility to Community members. Other consumer users will not be able to view them in gallery. For more details


Hi Arul Pragasam Rajendran

Thank you for your reply.

I am not able to open link. Do you have any another link.

We are using 10.3 API portal(cloud) so we cannot restrict access to packages ?


You can replace with your subdomain. BTW it is the same online help content delivered with the product. You can search for communities in the Online Help.

Packages publish to communities will be avaialble from 10.4 version which is scheduled to release this april.