How to resolve 'System Locked' in Wm9.10

I can not edit Wm object marked as System Locked. Any advice on how to resolve ‘System Locked’?

Which Wm Object are you referring to and why would you lock the Wm Object, can you explain your use case? Is it your custom package and I am sure it is not Wm*

However you have a way out! I did sometime in Legacy Developer and I hope it must still support in our new Designer too…

System locks can be removed by making the server side files of the element as read/write(i.e, giving the write access).
Right Click on the element in developer which is system locked.and choose the lock properties. It will display the server side files for the element.
Make the files as readable and click the refresh button in the developer.You will find that the element is no more locked.

Hi M@he$h,

It is my custom package. And I checked the package info and some related locked server-side files as attached. They seems readable already. So what do you mean “make them as readable”?


Elements are system locked if the flow.xml and node.ndf files for the respective elements are made read only. If you want to remove them you can make them writable (changing the mode (full access) on linux or uncheck read only on windows) and reload the package to remove the system lock.

Hi Aaron,

the problem here is that these files have been created with a different user/group combination as the installation itself.

Under which user is the IntegrationServer running?

You can choose to use chgrp to hand the files over to the group the IS is running in.


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