File locking


We are about to implement MFT 10.3. One feature I can’t seem to find in the documentation is file locking.

Can MFT prevent and end system picking up a file whilst it is still being written? The requirement is to use MFT to accept inbound files and write them to a filesystem. The are numerous batch jobs that will then pick up those files and do further processing. Those scripts have no smarts to check increments in file size or date/time changes. I need MFT to either lock the file or can I get it to add a .tmp extension whilst writing out the file and then rename when done?

Whatever feature I use, it needs to appear invisible to the end users. Eg if they send a file called to a directory \target\files that cannot change. MFT would need to rename to whilst writing the file, invisible to the user.

Any assistance greatly appreciated!




I remember this is not yet implemented as of wM 10.3. However, please reach out to Software AG Global Support and get them confirm for you the latest stand from SAG R&D.