How to remove archived data from Webmethod database?

Dear all:
My question is:Is there anyway that I can remove archived data from Webmethod
database safely without effecting to my AP. As we know, WM will store process steps,transactions and bizdoc contents into database, but when the data became more and more, the tablespace expanded bigger and bigger. It almost consume all space of my hard disk, so I decide to remove those archived data from WMDB. And we know, via WMMonitor/Archive, we only can archive/delete data in audit table, so is there anyone can tell me how to cover this issue, thanks.
Our server >
Webmethod 6.1.0
—IS server
—TN server
—TN console

Hi there,

did you find a solution to that problem?


Try Monitor Fix 8 which installs database stored procedures to purge number of tables like wMProcessm wMprocessstep, wmprocessassoc, wmcontrol, etc