How to read a particular message from JMS queue

Hi All,

I’ve a JMS queue in which there are two different types of messages, and I’ve two separate integrations for them.

I’m using a JMS polling notification to read the messages from the queue, and found that there is MessageSelector option in there, but not sure how to use it.

Please can you let me know how to use this option and what setting would be required on the JMS message, if any.



A JMS MessageSelector can be used to subscribe only to those messages which meet the condition. MessageSelectors can use any field in the JMS Header or JMS Properties portion of the message.

Search on JMSMessageSelector in the JMSAdapter User’s Guide for details.

                    One example might be (assuming your JMS Message was designed to have a custom property called "senderID"):
Properties.senderID = "Accounting"


Hi Mark,

When I used LocalFilter as

%properties/sourceApplicationName%==“ABCD”, it’s picking the data. But I thought of using JMS Message selector So I tried as you said

Properties.sourceApplicationName = “ABCD” - Didn’t work.

Also I tried as below.
%properties/sourceApplicationName%==“ABCD” - Didn’t work.
%properties/sourceApplicationName% = “ABCD” - Didn’t work.
%properties/sourceApplicationName% = ‘ABCD’ - Didn’t work.
Properties.sourceApplicationName = “ABCD” - Didn’t work.[As you said].

could you plese tell me how to implement the above filter in JMS Message selector?


sourceApplicationName = ‘ABCD’

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