How to query central users

I’ve been trying to get a jsp based app on webMethods to query central users and I sure could use some help.

Basically, it’s a jsp page that calls a webMethods integration in which that integration first builds session information. Well, the quandary is that the user that is logged in MUST belong to a listed ACL on the server. Now the ACL on the server has no local member - they are all on MWS in the central users repository. I’ve found tons of stuff to lookup using JNDI references and I don’t want to use LDAP services (it requires unnecessary config). Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance!!

I’m unsure what you want to achieve, however for CentralUsers you can:

1- Use MWS API and check Package com.webmethods.caf.portalclient.dir

2- Review MWS Administrators guide and integrate using SAML.

Else I have no idea what you want to do :smiley:

My goal is to authenticate a user that logs into a .jsp by finding out what ACL the user belongs to. When a user logs on, there is no service to determine what local ACL it is a member of. The user is in a ‘role’ in MWS but that can’t be determine by any existing code on IS that I have found. I was hoping to find a service where a user id can be supplied and a list of groups/roles to ACL relationship would be provided.

Thank you for your reply, I will look at the SDK and see what can be done.

I hope this clears up my intent…


Did you have any luck with this? I am trying to find out what roles a user in MWS belongs to via IS services as well.



Not yet, being that I’m not that strong in Java development, I can’t seem to find the jar file to pillage from to make the connection. I’ve entertained a web service to connect to MWS to pull it, but not only do I need to figure out how that whole thing works, it will be a bit of overhead when called on-demand which could potentially be more often than not. The application that this runs in is JSP based and the session object can’t house all the security checks, just the basic stuff, so I will require a low-cost call to check on demand.

On a side note, I’m using 7.1.2 not v8 so I found the 7.1.2 equiv. link from the above post, but still haven’t found the jar yet.