How to put values in a document with multi-dimensional struc

The document tracker doesn’t support the option to fill in values in multi-dimensional fields.
To do this I’m trying to build a “dummy-integration”.
This dummy integration consists of only 3 steps:

  1. A trigger
  2. custom code
  3. publish document which is the trigger of my “real” integration
    The custom code consists of a for loop which assigns values to my output defined in the custom step Outputs tab. The custom code looks like this:

customStepMethod$out out = new customStepMethod$out();
for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++) {
out.FlowData[i].MSISDN = “477893456”;}
return out;

The purpose is then to map the output of the custom step with the field in my document I publish in step 3. I would expect to have a 10-dimensional structure with the number 477893456 in each of its MSISDN fields.
Sadly enough, the custom code is not executed at all. The error message I receive is:
(109) Run-time exception while processing “MNPCGASMSAdapterComponent”
Is there anyone who has a clue on this? Or maybe knows a simpler way of achieving this goal.

Most likely, the out.FlowData array has not been allocated. In your custom step, you’ll need to allocate the array before doing the loop.

out.FlowData = new String[10];

Document Tracker v4.5 allows you to populate multi-dimensional values. In
Document Tracker, highlight the multi-dimensional field and click on the
green “+” button at the top to add an empty-value dimension field. Note:
The highlighting/clicking of the field is a bit buggy (i.e. you have to
click/highlight the field a few times in just the right way to get the “+”
button to enable), but it does work.