How to programmatically implement a Java compile check service


We have a bunch of Java flow services which are dependent on external code libraries (jar files). We are running on Webmethods IS 6.1.
Of course, I can add a new method in every ava flow service called “compileCheck”, have it return 0, and invoke it from a Junit program.
Is there a better way. Will it be possible to invoke the class’s hashCode method and look for an integer?

Andi Giri

Have you tried using the jcode utility? See the Administrator’s Guide - Appendix H for more on JCode and source code control systems.

In the past, I have used Ant to run jcode during a build from a source code control system. JCode will produce errors that can be caught in Ant / Cruise Control for some “continuous build-lilke” behavior.



Quick question for you. We are trying to do what you suggested and we use Ant / Maven plus jcode. The process is very simple. After we checkout all the code necessary for a package to run properly, and after running jcode and recompiling all the java services, how can we programatically reload a package in webMethods 6.1? I know that we can ask the Admin to do that, but we need this reload package thing to be part of the build routine.

We want to avoid restarting the entire server by reloading only the package updated, otherwise the changes will not be taken in consideration by IS.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!


I think the easiest way would be to use a java app generated from pub.packages:reloadPackage using Developer’s Generate Code->For calling this service from a client->Java

You will pass in the name of the package. If the reload works you get a message " was reloaded successfully".

Hope this helps,