how to pass table rows data to flow service

i have created a Async table
added content provider to it
added a save button - where i am able to save this data - by mapping the document list with source array of content provider

but i m not able to pass it to a flow service

input of flow service is a document list with same fields , what do i map the input of the service with ?

urgent please …

Jasmeen Kaur

i have made the input of service as String List - now it is capturing data - but not correct value…

like if i add 2 rows to table -
then on service call the string list captures 2 rows …but holding data like com.webmethods…bla bla

i tried mapping the string list with - content providers ( source array , source list , content provider , and with the document list which is the source of content provider ) - but no help …

Attaching document for reference …

please suggest

Jasmeen Kaur

help.doc (64.5 KB)