How to pass document as input to webservice on button click


in the action of button i am calling a web service to which i need to pass a document as input .

Test - web service name
Proposals - document name
Project_info - document inside Proposals
Fiscal_year - Field inside Project_Info


This gives me error as -

The method setProposals(proposals) in the type test is not applicable for the arguments (string) .

Attaching screen shot for ref,

Help .

Jasmeen Kaur
ScreenShot.doc (38 KB)

In the ’ on click ’ - client side events of button - i am passing the document as input .

error - document cannot be cast into string .

how to pass document as input to web service on button click ?

Thanks in advance .

Jasmeen Kaur

I think what is likely happening is this:

  • You have task business data that is represented by a java class that lives in a certain java package
  • You have an input to a web service that is represented by a similar java class that lives in a different java package

If that is the case, you’ll need to programmatically copy the fields of the source java object to the target java object.

If you can provide a simple project, then i can demonstrate this technique.



button action() - right click - Data Flow Implementation and Add Assignment .

Above assignment is what i did - now i am able to pass data to service on button click .

happy :slight_smile:

Jasmeen Kaur